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Receive superior rodent control with our skilled rodent services! Our expert rodent exterminators employ cutting-edge detection methods, suggest environmentally friendly rodent control solutions, and put in place preventive measures to guarantee lasting protection for your property.

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Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach isn't effective in rodent control, our experts understand the potential complications of mishandling rodents. Our rodent control team is equipped with the necessary training and expertise to effectively address all your rodent issues without causing further problems in the long run.

Expertise Counts In Rodent Control, We Know:

  • The Proper Bait To Use Depending On The Rodent & Environment
  • Which Rodents Require Pre-Baiting Or Special Treatments
  • How To Place Traps Correctly For The Specific Rodent

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Our Rodent Control Process

Rodent Inspection

To begin, our rodent control specialists give priority to accurately identifying the particular rodent species in question. Understanding that control methods differ for various rodents, this precise identification guides our subsequent actions during the inspection. It is equally crucial to pinpoint the entry points of rodents into your home so that we can address that aspect effectively.

Rodent Exclusion

After identifying the particular rodent species responsible for the problem, it becomes essential to locate and fix the entry points through which rodents access the structure. Once our rodent inspection is finished, a critical measure involves revisiting the site to seal off these entry points, effectively reducing the risk of future rodent infestations.

Rodent Trapping & Baiting

Finally, we will develop a comprehensive rodent control plan outlining the strategy to eliminate any remaining rodents in your home. We'll ensure you stay informed at every stage of the baiting and trapping process. Following a series of scheduled check-ups, your home should be free of rodents in no time!

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Our Rodent Control Services

Rodent Trapping

Our rodent control specialists will swiftly eradicate roof rats or mice by strategically placing traps along their runways in your home. Since rats can become trap-shy, precise trap placement is crucial to prevent them from avoiding traps in the future.

Our technicians will identify these runways by examining rodent urine, feces, and rub marks throughout your home. Given that roof rats often form families of five to ten rats, we deploy numerous traps to eliminate the existing population as swiftly as possible.

While our primary trap placement is typically in the attic, if you observe rats within the living area, we'll also position traps along rodent runways inside. In homes without attics, traps are usually placed on the exterior foundation, targeting rats as they exit the house at night in search of food and water.

Rodent Exclusion and Rodent Proofing

One critical aspect of effective rodent control is preventing their entry into your home from the outset. Employing integrated pest management practices, our team of rodent control experts will meticulously inspect areas around your house that could serve as enticing entry points for rodents.

Beyond sealing off any potential entry points that rodents might exploit to access your home or business, our pest control technicians will also offer additional tips and strategies for making your property less appealing to rodents. Given that rats can cover distances up to 300 feet and possess the ability to enter buildings through a combination of jumping, climbing, and gnawing, it is crucial to address vulnerabilities proactively.

Roof rats, equipped with sharp teeth and the ability to compress their bodies to fit through small openings, can create various access points on your home's exterior, navigating spaces as small as a nickel. By meticulously sealing even the tiniest holes, we can effectively prevent rats from entering your house.

Common areas that require sealing include the AC chase where air conditioning lines enter the home, plumbing vents on the roof, roof returns, soffit vents on the eaves, and gable vent screens. Rodents often enter homes beneath damaged garage door seals. To thoroughly rodent-proof your home, we employ a combination of materials, including steel and copper mesh, steel hardware cloth, concrete, mortar, and caulk to seal holes and openings around the exterior perimeter and roof.

At Sprightly Pest Solutions, we specialize in exclusion work, securing vulnerable areas around your home's exterior that rats may exploit to gain entry.

Exterior Rodent Reduction Programs

Following the completion of our trapping and exclusion program, we will install tamper-proof rodent bait stations on the exterior foundation of your home to ensure sustained reduction of rodent activity around your property. These secure bait stations will be regularly refilled and maintained on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis as advised by our team. Regular replacement of rodent bait is crucial, particularly in high rodent population areas, where the bait is likely to be fully consumed within the designated period. Even if there is remaining bait in the stations, humidity can lead to mold formation, diminishing its attractiveness to rodents.

It's uncommon for rats to perish within these bait stations. Upon consuming the bait, rats typically succumb within two to three days, usually near their nocturnal shelter.

Other mammals are unlikely to experience adverse health effects from consuming rodents that have died from ingesting the bait. The low toxicity of the active ingredient in rodent bait is specifically designed to be effective against rodents the size of rats or mice.

Removal of Contaminated Insulation and Attic Sanitation

At Sprightly Pest Solutions, we understand that the process doesn't end once rodents are removed from your home. Given the potential for disease transmission through rodent feces, it is advisable to eliminate and replace contaminated attic insulation.

For attic sanitation, we offer services for the removal of contaminated insulation and its replacement, restoring your attic to its clean state before rodents invaded. Additionally, we conduct attic fogging using a potent disinfectant that effectively combats viruses and bacteria causing diseases. This ensures your home is thoroughly decontaminated from any lingering effects of rodent presence, providing you with peace of mind.

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Types Of Rodents In Your Area

Rats In Your Area

Rats stand out as highly troublesome and damaging rodents, posing multifaceted threats. Their peril extends to the consumption and contamination of food, structural and property damage, as well as the transmission of parasites and diseases to both animals and humans. In our area, rats prove highly adaptable to diverse climates and conditions, making them common inhabitants of homes, buildings, and farms.

In our area, two primary rat species prevail: Norway Rats and Roof Rats. Norway Rats are particularly robust and well-adapted, thriving in various environments, while Roof Rats, as the name implies, often find shelter in elevated spaces like roofs. Our comprehensive rodent control service is adept at exterminating both Norway Rats and Roof Rats, addressing the unique challenges posed by each species to ensure effective and lasting pest control.

Mice In Your Area

The prevalent house mouse emerges as a significant and economically burdensome rodent in our area. These mice are widespread in both residential and commercial settings, presenting a considerable threat. Apart from consuming and contaminating food, they act as carriers of disease-causing pathogens, including the potential transmission of salmonellosis. Additionally, these rodents can cause substantial harm to structures and property, in homes in our area.

For effective control and elimination of these troublesome critters from your home, reach out to the rodent control specialists at Sprightly Pest Solutions. We are well-equipped to address the unique challenges posed by house mice and safeguard your property from their damaging impact.

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Our highly trained rodent control specialists can promptly and effectively eliminate rodents from your home on the initial attempt. As a top-rated 5-star rodent control company, we offer services such as rodent trapping and baiting, rodent exclusion, and commercial rodent solutions.