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Our skilled team of pest professionals will ensure that the pests do not take over your home. We are equipped with the tools and experience to solve all of your pest problems quickly, so you can get back to life.

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A Tried And True Process To Controlling Pests

Complete Pest Control

You'll soon notice our dedicated commitment to pest control. We've crafted a reliable system that consistently delivers outstanding results. The key to our success lies in a straightforward approach – we follow the same process every time: inspect, plan, control. This ensures effective and enduring solutions for your pest control needs.

1. Inspection

Our skilled technicians perform a comprehensive pest inspection, pinpointing infestations and potential entry points. This meticulous analysis guarantees a precise grasp of the specific pest challenges your property faces.

2. Strategy

After your inspection, we craft a personalized pest control strategy, incorporating environmentally friendly treatments and focused tactics. This individualized method ensures the provision of effective, enduring pest control services.

3. The Service

Executing the pest control service with expertise, our team follows the devised plan. Through a combination of skill and advanced techniques, we proficiently exterminate pests, safeguarding your property and ensuring a secure, comfortable environment.

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Evironmentally Friendly Pest Control

Protecting Your Home And The Environment

We recognize that safeguarding your family, pets, and home is of utmost importance to you, and our company is committed to ensuring a secure and pest-free environment for your loved ones.

Family Friendly

Our pest services prioritize being family and pet-friendly, employing methods and treatments that ensure the safety and well-being of your loved ones, including your furry friends.

We Love Bees

Our pest services are bee-friendly, employing measures that consider and protect these essential pollinators, promoting a harmonious coexistence with the environment.

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About Sprightly

Pest Control In The Family

John grew up in the pest control industry. His Mom was an office manager for a pest control company in the Bay Area. In 1996, at 10 years old, he began working part-time in the office during summer breaks and eventually worked his way into the field after he graduated high school in 2002.

In 2011, he was asked to become the manager and help grow a brand-new pest control company from scratch. In 2013 John started his own pest control company "Byrd Pest Control" in the Central Valley and sold it in 2021 after he had moved up to Sonora, and fallen in love with Tuolumne County. John started Sprightly Pest Solutions in 2023.

Associate Certified Entomologist On Staff

Back in 2015 John achieved one of the most prestigious markers that a pest control professional can achieve, and that is to become an Associate Certified Entomologist. After years of training, study, and experience, he acquired this certificate that pretty much says that when it comes to pests... he knows his stuff.

Why Is Having An A.C.E. On Staff So Important?

An ACE (Associate Certified Entomologist) benefits pest control company clients by ensuring accurate pest identification, customized and effective pest management strategies, compliance with regulations, and increased customer confidence. Because we have an ACE on staff, we are able to train our team with more efficient and environmentally responsible solutions, delivering enhanced value and peace of mind to our clients.

Our Certifications

Looking For In The Sierras?

Local Pest Control In Your Area

For years, we have safeguarded our community by providing expert services in pest control, mosquito management, rodent prevention, and bed bug eradication for both residential and commercial properties. Our team of seasoned pest specialists is committed to ensuring a home that is free from pests for your peace of mind.